Packing Materials

We have available for sale a wide range of quality packing materials.

To buy online please click here  All prices are final and include free 10 miles radius delivery when you spend £30 or over. You can also collect from our warehouse, please call the numbers below to arrange a time

Photo Of general cartons - Urban RemovalsGeneral Cartons

Small  370mm  x 280 mm x 250 mm  (recommended for books)

Medium 410mm x 320mm x 310mm (recommended for kitchen)

Large 580mm x 380mm x 480mm (miscellaneous items / linen)

Wardrobe Cartons

For transporting and storing clothes and garments in a clean crease free condition.

Front loading door and strengthened plastic rails.

48″ Carton   18″x20″x48″

Photo of Bubble Wrap - Urban RemovalsBubble Wrap

Versatile way to protect fragile items. Its bubble pockets are specially designed to offer maximum protection and shock resistance. Available in a wide range of sizes e.g. 750mm, 1000mm x metre or roll, small bubble size.

Newspaper Cut Offs

Wide range of uses from wrapping glassware and crockery to filling voids in packages.

Packs are available in 2,5 or 5 kg packs individually wrapped in polythene.

Packing Tape


Available in brown and fragile legend, strong silent release tape, easy to tear and temperature resistant. 48mm x 66 metres rolls.