Packing Materials

We have available for sale a wide range of quality packing materials.

To buy please click here for a price list  after making your choice email us to or call the numbers below we will deliver it to your door (conditions apply)

Cardboard cartons for removals

Photo Of general cartons - Urban RemovalsGeneral Cartons

Small  370mm  x 280 mm x 250 mm  (recomended for books)

Medium 410mm x 320mm x 310mm (recomended for kitchen)

Large 580mm x 380mm x 480mm (miscellaneous items / linen)

Wardrobe Cartons

For transporting and storing clothes and garments in a clean crease free condition.

Front loading door and strengthened plastic rails.

48″ Carton   18″x20″x48″

Photo of Bubble Wrap - Urban RemovalsBubble Wrap

Versatile way to protect fragile items. Its bubble pockets are specially designed to offer maximum protection and shock resistance. Available in a wide range of sizes e.g. 750mm, 1000mm x metre or roll, small bubble size.

Newspaper Cut Offs

Wide range of uses from wrapping glassware and crockery to filling voids in packages.

Packs are available in 2,5 or 5 or 10kg packs individually wrapped in polythene.

Packing Tape


Available in brown, clear and fragile legend, strong silent release tape, easy to tear and temperature resistant. 48mm x 66metre rolls.