Helpful Advice

This guide was made for people like you intending to move home. With this we try to minimise the stress associated with moving and you will have done everything possible to ensure that your move passes as smoothly as possible.


  • Arrange quotations and discuss your move with a local professional remover.
  • Consider the quotes you have received. Compare the quotes offered like for like , packing materials and service type.  Make sure you have confidence in the mover you choose.
  • Choose your mover and ask them if they can accept your booking on the day that you wish to move.
  • Fridays and weekends are the busiest days for removal companies and usually get booked up quickly so try to book as quickly as you can to move on a Friday or weekend.
  • Book as far in advance as possible if possible at least two weeks before your moving date.
  • Inform the local authority about your move if parking restrictions are in place outside collection or delivery addresses . They will be able to suspend parking bays on the day of your move.
  • Decide upon any items that you wish to dispose of before you move. Now is a great time to have a clear out. Unwanted furniture can be offered to charities who will often collect the items directly from you. Alternatively, you can ask your mover to deliver the items to a local auctioneer. Urban Removals also offer a disposal service.
  • If items of furniture need to be dismantled for the move do this the day before  remembering to keep the fixings in a safe place. You may have agreed with your mover for them to do this work. If this is the case leave it to them.
  • Plan where everything will go in your new home – draw a floor plan.
  • Make plans for friends or relatives to look after children or pets on the day of your move

About packing

  • If your removal company has agreed to do the packing, make sure you know exactly what has been arranged to be packed. This can be anything from packing every last thing to just glass & china. If they are only packing glass and china they will expect this to be  laid out onto a suitable work surface, like the dining table. Also check to see if they will be coming around the day before to pack or will do it all on the day. This can depend on the time you have to vacate your house.
  • If you are doing the packing begin as earlier as possible. Make sure that you use suitable boxes that are strong enough. Always fill the box to the top and then close the lid, this allows the boxes to be stacked on top of each other in the removal van. You do not need to empty everything, just take very heavy, spillable and breakable items out of chests of drawers and cupboards. If the chest is too heavy to be lifted the removal team will just take out the drawers and replace them in the van.
  • NEVER make the boxes so heavy that they cannot be lifted safely. If they are becoming heavy while you are packing them, try filling the rest of the box with light bulky items such as linen, towels, cushions or soft toys. Books are the worst offenders , use smaller boxes for these types of items.
  • Always make sure that you use tape to fasten the bottom, and the top of all your boxes. Please DO NOT just fold in a criss cross way, because the flaps just unfold and everything falls out.
  • Clearly write, which room you would like the box to end up in. Please do this on the tape, the removal team will know that these are your instructions, and also will keep the boxes in better condition, allowing them to be used again and again.
  • Place heavy & bulky items in the bottom of a box, but remember there is a culmination of weight. One dining plate on its own doesn’t weigh very much, but ten together is surprisingly heavy, so keep this in mind while loading your boxes. Use plenty of paper as packing or use linen that you will be taking with you anyway. You might end up with a box or two less.
  • Make sure that all the lids, tops on bottles or anything else that could spill are securely fastened, and in the case of bottles make sure they are stood upright and held in that position firmly.
  • Run down your freezer contents
  • Decide what you need to take with you  on the day of the move and keep these separate. EG: important documents, telephone numbers, refreshments, valuable items and items shuold be carried for you.
  • If you’re moving with children, leave out toys and books to keep them entertained during the journey.
  • Bin bags are very useful for placing bedding etc into. This even helps with the packing of the van or containers as they squash and fill all the awkward gaps.
  • Different types of boxes are used for different jobs. Small boxes are used to pack books into, these are the heaviest things you will have to pack, and therefore keep the overall weight of the box down. General items are packed into boxes about the size of a tea chest. Linen boxes are bigger because the contents are obviously lighter. Robe Units or Hanging Garment Carriers are used to hang your clothes into ( portable wardrobes). Urban Removals will supply you with these. They should be returned  in the same day.

People who need to be informed about your change of address: 

  • Family and friends
  • Local Council
  • Gas, Electricity, Water Supplier
  • Telephone,Cable Company, Internet Service Provider
  • Banks and Building Societies, Creditors
  • Milk Man and Newspapers
  • Doctor, Dentist
  • Vet
  • Schools
  • D.V.L.A.It is a legal requirement to notify them. You will need to renew   your driving licence and vehicle registration document
  • Insurance Company
  • Clubs
  • TV licensing in order to transfer your licence to your new address, by calling 0870 242 3349 or visiting
  • Inland Revenue – see for a list of offices.
  • Post Office – (redirect your mail)

The day has arrived:

Ensure you have reserved adequate parking at both the collection and delivery addresses.

Try to be on hand on the day of your move. Explain and label any items that are not to be taken by your movers.

Make sure you have left spare keys and instructions ( alarms, Heating system etc). for the new occupier.

When loading is complete you must make a full inspection of your old home to make sure nothing has been left by mistake.

Provide your mover with a map showing your new address (if you are moving outside the local area) and drop the keys for your old house at your estate agent.

Take your mover mobile telephone number and give him yours. It’s important that you can remain in touch. If you are completing on your new house on the day of your move it’s a good idea to be at the estate agents between 12noon and 2pm as this is usually the time they will be able to release the keys to your new home. If you are there when the keys are released you will save time.

At the delivery address you will be required to direct the movers to place items where you want them.

When unloading is complete, if you’re moving with Urban Removals we will ask you if everything is in the right place. If you would like to see any items of furniture in a different position now is the time to tell us.

Finally,  of course, we will appreciate to share  a cup of tea or coffee during the move so please make sure the kettle is on hand!